“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford

What We Do

At Creative Energy Engaged, we cultivate and facilitate meaningful and inclusive conversations with stakeholders and community members that enable better decisions and outcomes.

We design and implement innovative, customized engagement and communication strategies for all types of projects, including those that involve complex, sensitive, controversial or high profile issues.

We’re skilled at facilitating community and stakeholder meetings, connecting with stakeholders one-on-one, responding to project enquiries and complaints, issuing project updates, representing the project and client at local community events throughout the life of the project, and liaising with the media.

We develop and produce creative narratives and visuals including open house display materials, surveys, and communication tools (media releases, ad copy, FAQs, discussion guides, etc.) to support in-person and on-line engagement processes.

Our “teams on the street” can help get your message out in public spaces and at community events.

We can also work with you to help create a culture of engagement within your organization by developing internal policies and procedures, conducting audits of existing engagement processes, establishing advisory committees, developing toolkits, and conducting training and coaching.

Public Engagement and Communications

A Snap Shot of What We Can Do For You



Strategy Development.

The first thing we do is work with you to ensure we have a full understanding of the project or issue – the challenges, opportunities, constraints and givens. We identify the people involved – internally and externally. And we collaboratively develop the engagement strategy that best fits the goals and objectives of the project.

Partnership Building.

We recognize that people expect to have a say in decisions that affect their lives. We work with you to cultivate and facilitate inclusive stakeholder and community conversations where people can understand all aspects of the project or issue, and together with you, discuss potential solutions and paths forward.

Information and Feedback.

We develop a communications plan that addresses the goals and objectives of the engagement process throughout the life of the project. This may involve developing and producing creative narratives and visuals that help tell the story and inspire input, surveys and online engagement platforms that solicit feedback, and advertising and project web pages that inform and update.

Communication and Evaluation.

Throughout the engagement process, we work with you to inform your stakeholders and the public of the outcomes, decisions and next steps. Once the engagement process is complete, we can effectively facilitate a debrief session with your project team to evaluate the process and identify lessons learned for future projects.

Community. Conversations. Collaboration.