Colleen Lepik

Colleen Lepik


“I believe in the real value of public engagement and the tangible impact that successful engagement can have on the bottom line of a project.”

Meet Colleen

Passionate. Committed. Results oriented.

Colleen is an experienced communications and engagement specialist with over 10 years in municipal government, and 12 years in non-profit management.

Colleen has a degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University, certificates in Public Participation (Planning, Communications, Consultation Techniques, and Emotion and Outrage) from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), and Collaborative Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of BC, as well as First Nations training through Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. and Bob Joseph.

Colleen is recognized for creating and implementing highly successful, meaningful public engagement campaigns that are results driven.  While at the City of Kamloops, she was the Engagement and Communications lead for numerous projects including the high profile, seven month long, 2015 Overlanders Bridge Rehabilitation project which was a finalist in the 2016 Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards for Project of the Year. Other projects have included major capital road projects, transportation master plans, transit service reviews, road safety projects and more.

At the City of Kamloops, Colleen was instrumental in initiating a corporate cultural shift towards recognition of the value of meaningful public and stakeholder engagement. She co-authored the City’s Corporate Policy on Public Engagement, as well as the City’s Public Engagement Strategy and Handbook, which has become the recognized standard for all City departments.

Colleen is recognized for her ability to build relationships and create transparency with stakeholders, to work “on the ground” with these stakeholders throughout the life of a project and create mutual trust. She has established strong community connections in Kamloops and the surrounding area.

Creative Energy Engaged collaborates with other professionals when required, to ensure that all of your needs are met.


Past Projects

City of Kamloops
While at the City of Kamloops, Colleen was the Engagement and Communications Lead on numerous transportation projects, including:

– Overlanders Bridge Rehabilitation

– Columbia Street Road Reconstruction

– Grasslands Boulevard Road Improvement

– Windbreak Street Road Reconstruction

– 12th Street Road Reconstruction

Peterson Creek Multi-Use Pathway

– Valleyview Interchange Multi-Use Pathway

– Owl Road Resource Recovery Centre

– 16 School Road Safety Plans

– Transit Service Reviews

         What people have said …

“…strong communicator with the ability to navigate, mediate and resolve contentious issues.”

“…a consummate professional and excellent consensus builder.”

“…was able to bring all of the key stakeholders together, keep them holding hands and working together, and greatly minimized public discontent and business losses.”

“…worked hard to ensure that all parties’ views were heard, while at the same time ensuring the project goals and mandate were achieved.”

“…has always demonstrated diplomacy and tact with sensitive issues and offers multiple solutions to help address your needs.”

“Colleen’s passion for communication and engagement, along with a genuine desire to develop relationships with people, made her a critical component to the success of the project.”

Community. Conversations. Collaboration.