“When people don’t know what’s going on, it’s human nature for them to imagine a version that’s ten times worse than the truth.”

Kenneth Blanchard

Why Use Us

We’re passionate about community and conversations.  True believers in collaboration and relationship building.  Bold and innovative.  Big picture thinkers.

We’re great at listening – to our clients and their communities – so that we can fully understand the challenges and opportunities for each project.

We believe that not every issue needs consultation. We draw from IAP2’s core values* to help recommend the level of engagement that may be required for each stage of a project, be it Informing, Consulting, Collaborating or Empowering.  (*Internationally recognized standard for conducting quality, successful engagement.)

We’re skilled at translating complex or technical concepts into an understandable format for a variety of audiences. We effectively integrate social media and digital engagement strategies into our engagement campaigns.

We’re known for our “boots on the ground” approach to engagement. By getting in front of projects and working with stakeholders from the beginning of a project through to its completion, we can help clients identify or anticipate issues and deal with them before they grow into major and costly concerns.

Involve Stakeholders

To help build public trust and support for a project or issue, involve stakeholders early in the project development process and throughout the life of the project.

Public expectations around transparency and accountability are growing. Stakeholders expect to be involved in decision-making processess that impact them.

To help public trust and support or issue, involve stakeholders early in the project developmant process and throughout the life of the project.

Logical Process

Effective public engagement focuses on transparency and follows a logical process.  Stakeholders are often more supportive of decisions if they understand how and why the decision was made.  The best way to achieve this is to integrate public engagement into the decision making process from the start.

Understand Why

100% consensus is not a realistic goal for any public engagement process.  So what does successful engagement look like?  People come away from the process either showing support for the project or issue, or those people who are not in support come away saying “I don’t agree or support this, but I understand why the decisions were made”.

Community. Conversations. Collaboration.