“I have worked with Colleen over the past five years.  In that time I have found her to be a strong communicator with the ability to navigate, mediate and resolve contentious issues.   Her attention to detail and her ability to listen and capture concerns has helped broker positive solutions to complex problems.”
Ken Christian

Mayor, City of Kamloops

“I have worked with Colleen for several years, and our first project together was the Overlanders Bridge project.  This project may not have been the largest capital spend by the City of Kamloops, but it likely impacted everyone in the City more than any other project.  Colleen’s passion for communication and engagement, along with a genuine desire to develop relationships with people, made her a critical component to the success of the project.  She developed excellent relationships with all stakeholders, was consistent in her approach and really helped the project team make this opportunity a benchmark for communication on capital projects in the City of Kamloops.”
Darren Crundwell, P. Eng.

Capital Projects Manager, City of Kamloops

“I have known Colleen since April, 2020 when I met her through her work on the Tranquille Road Sanitary Main Upgrade project. Throughout the project the residents of our strata, Kirman Mews, next to Save on Foods had many issues and concerns surrounding the project and the potential impact to our strata. Colleen was hands on every step of the way addressing every issue. She contacted every resident either by phone, email, mailbox notice and/or texts. She is extremely proactive and gave us ample notice with the pertinent details of what was upcoming from week to week. She communicated every concern to the people in charge and never left any issues unaddressed. She is a great representative for the City of Kamloops and she always communicates with everyone in a respectful, attentive and friendly manner.”

Howard King

Kirman Mews Strata Council

“Colleen is a caring and passionate facilitator, dedicated to working with clients to explore solutions that best meet their needs along with engaging the community in meaningful ways. She has always demonstrated diplomacy and tact with sensitive issues and offers multiple solutions to help address your needs. Her positive attitude and commitment to growing the community makes her a strong addition to supporting your engagement or facilitation needs.”
Jen Casorso

Former Social and Community Development Supervisor, City of Kamloops


“I’ve known Colleen for many years and was able to work with her on a professional level on some key projects. Colleen has earned her reputation as a consummate professional and excellent consensus builder. We knew a project would be professionally managed, team oriented and results driven when we knew she was attached to it.

Specifically, her work with us on the 2015 Overlanders Bridge Rehabilitation project changed the entire dynamic of interaction. She was able to bring all of the key stakeholders together, keep them holding hands and working together, and greatly minimized public discontent and business losses. She and her team were so engaged and thoughtful on this project that the owner of one of our most affected businesses went to a Kamloops City Council meeting, asked to speak to Council, and spent 10 minutes applauding the communications and engagement work being done during the disruption. That had never happened before during a major arterial shut down.

If you want successful, sincere, and results oriented public engagement; Colleen is the person for you.”

Steven L. Puhallo

Former Executive Director, North Shore Business Improvement Association

“I have worked with Colleen for many years on projects that included a wide variety of stakeholders and issues. Colleen always worked hard to ensure that all parties’ views were heard, while at the same time ensuring the project goals and mandate were achieved. I found Colleen’s attitude to always be positive and she focused on ensuring projects moved forward to benefit all concerned.”
Art McDonald, P. Eng.

Director of Facilities and Transportation, School District #73 (Kamloops/Thompson)

“I’m always very confident in a good outcome when Colleen is involved in an engagement process. She has a thoughtful, skillful approach which really puts participants first. Colleen has been instrumental in championing public engagement within our community and was a co-lead author of the City of Kamloops’ first ever public engagement manual. I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her more myself in the future.”
Arjun Singh

Councillor, City of Kamloops

“Colleen’s approach starts with truly understanding the needs of her client and the complexities of the project.  She designs and leads the full communication and engagement plan based on the vision.”
Megan Beaulieu, P. Eng.

Transportation Engineer

“Having been lucky to work with Colleen for the last three years, I’ve grown accustomed to her professional, positive, and collaborative approach to communicating with a variety of groups.  In managing public engagement events, I’ve found Colleen to have a particular knack for putting others at ease and facilitating meaningful conversations, especially when the topic is a contentious or difficult one.  Her success in public engagement is evidenced by the overall success of the projects for which she has been involved, including the Overlanders Bridge Project (for which she was part of a team recognized as a finalist for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence award) and many others.  Colleen goes beyond just the public engagement process, and develops a keen understanding of and interest for each individual project.  Having Colleen as a team member will contribute to a well run project and enable a successful and meaningful public engagement process.”
Liam Baker, P. Eng.

Utilities Engineer, City of Kamloops

“Working with Colleen over the last few years, I’ve come to appreciate the power of effective public engagement and it’s role in helping with the success of projects. She has the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively and to turn uncomfortable situations into comfortable ones. She tends to know her audience and caters to their specific needs. Whether it was educating, engaging with, or promoting initiatives to the community, I always felt comfortable knowing that our message would be delivered effectively with Colleen on the team.”
Elnaz Ansari, P. Eng.

Former Traffic and Transportation Engineer, City of Kamloops